Small Stool

The stool looks almost weightless. All joints of the stool are covered which gives the chair its unique, delicate look. The legs rise exceptionally to the full height of the stool so that the backrest is positioned between them. The back legs meet the floor behind the stool rather than directly underneath it, making the stool look almost alive – as if it had taken a thoughtful step backwards.

Designer Mikiya has drawn inspiration for the …. stool from Japanese woodcraft and its simplicity. The elegant stool is the perfect little furniture for the child’s room or the living room. Thus the organic shapes remind us of a living thing, the flat surface of the seat is meant to be used also as a table. Simple and uncluttered, it will go just as well with the table from the same range as with mismatched furniture, for a more bohemian spirit.

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Small Stool

Material :

high quality FSC beech solid wood. Protected with natural water-based paint from safe and non-toxic materials.


Seat height: 20.5 cm
Length: 38 cm
Width 33 cm


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