Short Climbing Pikler Triangle Set

This smart home playground is designed to enhance your children’s motor skill development, balance control, creativity, and so much more!
Grows with your little one and is made FOR CHILDREN FROM 6 MONTHS AHD OVER.

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Short Climbing Pikler Triangle Set

Our Climbing Triangle “BUNNY” is made from high-quality pine wood and birch plywood.
The triangle comes fully assembled and ready to use.




OPEN dimensions:
Length 600 x Width 760 x Height 700 mm
Length 23 1/2″ x Width 30″ x Height 27 1/2″

CLOSED dimensions:
Length 600 x Width 120 x Height 800 mm
Length 23 1/2″ x Width 4 1/2″ x Height 31 1/2″
Double-sided CLIMBING RAMP:
Length 1050 x Width 380 x Height 60 mm
Length 41 1/2″ x Width 15″ x Height 2 1/2″

Can be used from 6 months. Children begin to reach and pull themselves up on the frame at around 9 months, reaching and grabbing on the rungs.

At the top of our triangle are TWO RUNGS RATHER THAN ONE which allows children to pause, assess and rotate before climbing down the other side. When provided with the opportunity children will reach each milestone through their own determination, the achievement is theirs.

We have designed our slide to further enhance your triangle “Bunny”. It simply hooks onto the base unit with no tools required using our simple yet profound joint system. The innovative and unique joint system ensures your slide is locked safely in place, allowing you to use it as a slide, ramp and climbing board. Simply lift, set and drop, no tools needed.

On one side is a smooth surface to be used as a slide or ramp and on the other side are indentations allowing it to be used as a climbing wall. The slide can be placed in five different positions making it height adjustable and therefore suitable for children of all abilities.

Please do not leave children alone while using the triangle!

Weight 24.8 kg

Wood, Rainbow, Natural


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