Rainbow Stacker (Small)

You’re likely to have seen these kind of rainbows somewhere (or rather everywhere!) and wondered how on earth it can be played with, right? I sure did. This is actually a good sign that it is a passive toy – meant for an active child.

This classic Waldorf toy presents endless opportunities for play and by its deceivingly simplistic nature will stimulate creativity in a myriad of ways – stacking, building gravity-defying scupltures, creating mesmerising ball runs, acting as pretend craddle or fence. Bonus, it’s a guaranteed artful eye-catcher on shelf

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Rainbow Stacker (Small)

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  • Choose your favourite colour combination from Classic Rainbow, Pastel, Fall or Natural
  • 7 pieces rainbow
  • 18 x 9 x 4 cm
  • Handmade from precious Russian limewood, finished with German child-safe water-based wax colour

MODEL: Also available in Medium size

Our quality promise is at the core of all things Endless Play – not just from name brands, but even more so from materials and manufacturing processes – and with wooden toys everywhere, we thought we’d share a few secrets to the rare and superior play qualities we’ve selected this range for:

  • Rare and precious wood, lime wood – also known as lindenwood – is a child-safe, solid and and resistant hardwood yet very lightweight and presents a particular closer grain structure that allows for a smooth and safe finish (no splintering!) of even intricate details like our soft bevelled edges
  • Hand-sanded to perfection for a raw but silky-smooth finish, ideally grippy for gravity-defying stacking
  • Handcut from a single piece of wood for a perfect fit
  • A range of contemporary and joyful colour palettes to mix and match creatively or pefectly fit a particular nursery or playroom theme
Weight 0.21 kg
Dimensions 18 × 9 × 4 cm

Rainbow, Pastel, Fall


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