Mathematical Dentist

A great educational game for both younger and older children.

The game brings us closer to the profession of a dentist, and at the same time teaches mathematics, practices fine motor skills, precision, eye-hand coordination, and logical thinking.

– Your kid throws dices and inserts a sufficient number of white and black teeth into the holes — when all the holes are filled, clean the teeth thoroughly with a brush. Unfortunately, not all the teeth are healthy, and the small dentist must pull them out with a pair of pliers.

– On the attached plate, we write an equation and the child’s task is to present it with the supplied pins and give the correct result by counting the final number of pins. The kid can practice adding and subtracting.

– You can arrange sequences, eg. a white pin, black pin, black pin, white pin, and your child’s job is to continue the pattern which you started.

– You can encode eg. vowels — a black pin is “A”, a white pin is “O”, you write a pattern on the plate, eg.”A O O A A”, and the child’s task is to copy the code with pins.

– Younger children will have fun plugging “the teeth”, while exercising precision and concentration.

– You can arrange auditory sequences, such as: “pull out a black tooth, two white teeth and two black teeth”, the child must pull out the pins in the correct order using pliers.

– You can talk with your kid about healthy eating and how it affects healthy teeth.

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Mathematical Dentist


– a base with a diameter of 30 cm

– pins: 19 white pieces and 19 black pieces 3.5 x 1 cm

– a chalk plate measuring 16 x 8 cm

– a pouch

– pliers

– a bamboo toothbrush

– chalk

– two dices: white and black


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