Beehive Puzzle

This beautiful puzzle will allow the child to get acquainted with a beehive of honey bees. The child learns who lives in a beehive. Also will study life cycle of a bee.

The top part is a fascinating puzzle in the form of honeycombs

For the youngest, this can be used for fine motor skills.

So many ways to use this for learning and fun.

QAR 260.00

Beehive Puzzle

The puzzle has:

– Base, size 20 * 23cm (7 7⁄8in * 9 1⁄16in)

– 3 removable cells with lifecycle stages – egg, larva, pupa.

– 3 figures of different types of honey bees – queen, drone, worker

– Top puzzle consisting of 11 parts

*The book is not included.

It would also be great for someone who homeschools.


Arabic & English, English


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