Playsilks – Lime

بلايسيلكس are the most versatile toy there are, besides a box and stick.

They are a natural prop for anything you can imagine:

*hot lava/a fire

*a cape, skirt, genie pants

*a headdress veil

*grass to feed your horse, water to sail a boat on

*a doll carrier

*soup to stir in a pot

*a scarf to dance with

*peek-a-boo a baby

*tie on a stick to make a flag

*take on trips to play in the car and hotel rooms

Playsilks are 35″ squares that come in a wonderful variety of colors.

Our silks are dyed with non-toxic, eco friendly dyes and have been safety tested for children. Hand wash/hang dry.

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Playsilks – Lime

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